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Do you like a challenge ?


Then the Brit Butt Rally can offer this and more, think Orienteering but on a motorcycle, anyone can take part so long as you don't mind entering probably the toughest bike rally in the UK. So what's it all about?


Well the objectives are simple; plan a route that visits different locations, each with differing points values, ride your chosen route, prove you went there and come back again within 36 hours.

Some locations may be close to the start, many will be spread far and wide, there could be places as far apart as the top of the Scottish Highlands or at the very tip of Cornwall and everything else in between.


There can be anything from 60 to 100 available locations to choose from and where you ride and how many of these you go to is entirely up to you. You can ride around in circles picking up bonuses nearby or you can go on an adventure to the far flung corners of this wonderful land.

We can't promise you'll find it easy at times, but we can promise you'll have a fantastic time and you'll certainly visit some weird and wonderful places along the way too


Riders assemble on a Friday afternoon, register, complete a few checks and are then issued with their Rally books and other data. An evening meal is followed by a short rider briefing and all riders all set off early the following morning.

On Sunday afternoon riders begin arriving back at the Rally Headquarters and after being scored there is a banquet followed by presentations.


Although points mean prizes safety is still paramount  this isn't a race, as it's all about planning an efficient route, collecting the evidence required and coming back safe and sound. You'll have rest stops and you can ride as far as you feel capable, the main emphasis is fun on two wheels (or three).


"Many are called, few are chosen"